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Mon, Nov. 15th, 2004, 11:34 pm
tabby676: weeeeeeeeeeeeeee money needed...

Dear friends,

Through our work together in the past, I know that you are committed to
social justice and a dedicated activist. I come to you now for help in a
very important project that has brought two disparate communities of
Georgia together.

A group of us went to Brunswick, GA this summer to show resistance to the
G8 and globalization policies. As part of our resistance, we worked on
four houses in the Brunswick area that we cleaned out, painted, and
repaired for the duration of the Summit. We did a considerable amount of
work on the houses, which are currently vacant and owned by a local
family, in hopes that one day they will be able to be used for housing.

While working on the houses, we found ourselves welcomed in the Brunswick
community and built lasting relationships with many of the people there.
We challenged ourselves to think critically about anti-globalization
protests and tactics as well as how anti-oppression organizing relates to
the work that we do. And we are excited about continuing the work that we
started in Brunswick.

Unfortunately, upon our last visit to Brunswick we found out that the city
has charged the family with a $1200 bill for picking up the trash that was
removed from one of the houses. The trash pick up was pre-arranged and
was supposed to be removed in small increments that would have only cost
the family $100 at the most. It is apparent that after the protesters
left, the city saw their opportunity to charge these folks with this
outrageous bill in order to penalize them for participation in the G8
Summit protests.

We are asking for your help in paying back this you to help us pay this
money back to the family. We have learned so much from them about
community building and resistance and we hate to leave them in debt.

We ask only that you donate $10 toward this cause and find ten other
people who will also donate $10. If we can each commit to donating this
moneythis and finding others who will do the same, we will easily reach
our goal. It is a small task, but one that would greatly benefit a
community of south georgiaGeorgia.

By donating only $10 and then finding just ten other people willing to do
the same, you could be an enormous help to this effort. Your This money
will go directly to the folks in Brunswick in order to pay this outrageous
bill. The sooner this bill is paidtaken care of, the faster we can get
back to work on the houses.

Most of us were able to walk away from Brunswick as we have other mass
mobilizations, but we must remember those folks living in Brunswick who
felt the effects of the G8 before, during, and after the world's leaders,
and all of us, have long gone home.

Please send checks or cash to:

c/o 461 Hemlock Cir SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

In resistance,